Omelet….errrr, scrambled eggs?

It seems that I do not have the skills to make an omelet. I have gone through a carton of eggs (minus 3 of them!) and just can’t seem to make one.  Instead, they turn into a scrambled mess.  But, whether you can make an omelet (kudos for you!!!), or want to spizazz up your eggs, here’s some yummy stuff to add:

*chopped red pepper
*chopped green pepper
*Cheddar cheese

I should note that I’m not a fan of eggs. At.all! They just disgust me.  So actually attempting and eating them is a MAJOR step for me.  I don’t mind cooking or baking with them, I’ve even mastered the one-handed break open to use method, but I can’t stand the taste of them.  I did, however, enjoy my scrambled omelet with all those toppings added in….though, I think next time, I should saute the green pepper beforehand.


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