Chocolate Covered Strawberries

I’m on Spring Break and I raced home as quick as possible this weekend.  There is something so peaceful about my parent’s home, so full of love, laughter, and of course, the puppy!!! =D

Mum and I ran around a few cities today going shopping and visiting a friend’s bakery.  When I saw his chocolate covered strawberries that a customer had placed an order for, I got really curious as to if I could make them or not.  Mum thought I could so while at Sam’s Club we saw they had the biggest strawberries ever on sale, and of course we bought a container full of them.

Rinse the strawberries off with cold water and dry them very well.  My Mum has a Chocolate Melting Pot, to which we threw in some chocolate candies, found in any baking section of Michael’s/Jo-Ann Fabrics/etc, and set the pot to high.  Make sure to stir the chocolate until it is completely melted, and let the dunking process begin!

I placed the dipped strawberries on a cookie sheet covered in wax paper, and by the time I finished dipping the last strawberry, the first tray was already hardened and ready for the next step.  After cleaning out the melting pot, I added in pink chocolate candies and melted those, stirring more often since white chocolate is prone to clump.  Once it was turned to liquid, I poured it into a sandwich ziplock baggie, cut the tiniest of a hole in one of the corners and zig-zagged my way across all the strawberries.

I’m so excited to how they turned out!!! I’ve never made chocolate covered strawberries before, and I thought it would be rather daunting, but it was so easy. I think it would be great to do during an evening with friends, or a girls night out.

If you have other methods or decorating tips, please let me know! I would love to hear other ways and how else to make them look fantastically scrumptious.



Side note: This melting pot was the easiest way to melt chocolate from any other experience I’ve ever had!! If you have a chance to buy one, I highly suggest that you do so!


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  1. So ridiculously pretty!


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