Rustic Chicken Stir-Fry

Chicken Stir-fry

In one week, I’m piling my stuff into a moving truck & headed south of the Maxon-Dixie line.  I am so excited about this next adventure!! While I’m thrilled to move back home, the getting there is becoming quite tedious: sleep, work, packing, cleaning, sleep, work, packing, cleaning.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

See what I mean? Absolutely enthralling!

So, tonight as a way to break the cycle, I decided to cook up a quick meal of things found in my fridge and freezer. Added bonus —  this means less items I have to pack and try to keep cold during my long move. Talk about a win!

Which brings us to tonight’s meal – Rustic Chicken Stir Fry

What I found in the freezer: 1 frozen boneless, skinless chicken breast
What I found in the fridge: 1 package of pre-cut veggies [squash, zucchini, onions, green/red/yellow peppers]


Add a little bit of water to cover the bottom of the pan, and sautéed the chicken until the water evaporates over medium-high heat. About halfway through the cooking, I seasoned the chicken with black pepper and sea salt. While cooking, the water will reduce to nothing – this happened to me numerous times because I kept getting distracted by Friends (Rachel just had her baby & thinks Joey purposed to her) for the millionth time – just add more water to the bottom of the pan when this happens and flip the chicken over.  The added water will keep the chicken moist while cooking, but still allows for the pepper and salt to create a cracked skin on the outside. Once the chicken is cooked through (check this by slicing the chicken breast open & making sure there is no pink left in the center) spoon the chicken into a separate bowl, and drain the excess water out of the skillet.


Over the weekend, I found this fantastic pre-cut selection of veggies in my local grocer’s fresh produce area.   This happened to be their kabob mixture and came with 4 mini skewers (so cute, right?!) but I left those aside and focused on those delicious looking vegetables.

For a one pan clean-up, use the same skillet that you cooked the chicken. Add two blobs of butter to the pan and melt this down. I was fairly generous with the butter, perhaps adding about 2 tablespoons worth, maybe more…I was using up the tub of butter I had and didn’t measure what I was using; but I wanted the veggies to have a nice glistening look to them as they reduced. Toss in all the veggies, add some black pepper and sea salt, stir the mixture around a few times, and top it with the skillet’s lid. Let this sizzle over high heat, occasionally stirring so the veggies don’t burn. I ended up adding about 2 more tablespoons of butter to the pan as the veggies reduced over high heat.  Once the veggies have cooked down and shrunken in size, add the chicken to the pan. Stir a few times, put the lid back on to keep the heat in, and let this cook down some more.  Once the chicken has been reheated, the veggies have a glistening, buttery look about them, and the stir-fry is sizzling, turn off the heat and eat!

To be completely honest – I ate the Whole.Enitre.Meal.By.Myself!! Talk about good eating!!

Enjoy! 🙂


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