Meal Planning

Ah, meal planning. I’m never very consistent with meal planning. Most weeks, I’ll plan the meal out day by day based on whatever sounds good, or more accurately, by what is already stocked in my kitchen – if I don’t have to go shopping, I’m a happy girl! On the rare occasion, I’ll plan out the entire week’s meals & get the shopping done all at once. 

This morning was a rare occasion, I planned out the entire week’s meals at one time. I’ll be cooking 4 dinners + 2 desserts, anything leftover each night can be used for lunches the next day. My family is not big on breakfast, so cereal or fresh fruit tends to do the trick. With a side of freshly brewed coffee, of course! 

Now that I’ve finally moved back home, I want to get back into couponing. My ultimate goal is to be able to plan our meals based on what the stores have on sale, and what I’ve been able to stock from couponing. I think it’ll be a great way for me to become more organized and more money savvy.  

How do you normally plan your meals? Any tips to make it less daunting or easier? What are some ingredients you always keep on hand for quick meals?

Happy cooking!


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