Rumors & Promises


Rumors & Promises
Written by: Kathleen Rouser
Publisher: Heritage Beacon Fiction
Month, Year: April, 2016

A brief summary from Kathleen Rouser:
Sophie Biddle, an heiress on the run with a child in tow, considers herself abandoned by her family and God. Wary, self-reliant Sophie is caught off guard when meeting a kind, but meddling and handsome minister at the local mercantile.

In 1900, Reverend Ian McCormick is determined to start anew in Stone Creek, Michigan, believing he has failed God and his former flock. He works harder than ever to forget his mistake, hoping to prove himself a most pleasing servant to his new congregation and once again to God.

While Sophie seeks acceptance for the child and a measure of respect for herself, the rumors swirl about her sordid past. Should Ian show concern for Sophie plight, he could risk everything – including his position as pastor of Stone Creek.

Now the pair must choose to trust God and forgive those who slander and gossip, or run. Will the scandals of their pasts bind them together forever, or drive both deeper into despair?

My Thoughts:
I love stumbling upon new authors!! Especially ones as talented as Kathleen Rouser and her debut novel, Rumors and Promises. Seriously, this book is ADORABLE! It is filled with quirky characters, frigid winters, and enough action and drama to fill your head with angst and sighs all around.

Months after Sophie Biddle is accosted by a scoundrel, she takes her child on the run to escape that wretched man, the town gossip, and her own disappointed and unforgiving family. When Sophie lands a job working for a kindhearted woman at a boardinghouse, it seems like a God-send…that is, assuming God actually cared a wit about her. As Sophie and her daughter acclimate themselves to the new town under the pretense that her daughter is actually her younger sister, the rumors begin to fly as the local gossips speculate who Sophie truly is. It doesn’t help matters when the new minister, Reverend Ian McCormick takes a special interest in her either! With her heart on the line, Sophie teeters between the many lies she’s told and the hidden truth. Will she ever be able to stop running?

I really enjoyed reading Rumors and Promises. It was such a sweet story and I can’t wait to see what Kathleen Rouser writes next! Rumors and Promises is available on Amazon and wherever your favorite books are sold. If you’d like a chance to win a copy, Goodreads is giving away 2 copies of this novel! The giveaway ends on July 31, so don’t wait too long to enter!

I was graciously provided a free copy of this novel from Kathleen Rouser in exchange for an honest review.  I was not required to write a positive review and the opinions I have expressed are my own. 


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