The Hesitant Heiress


The Hesitant Heiress
Written by: Dawn Crandall
Publisher: Whitaker House
Month, Year: August, 2014

A brief summary from Dawn Crandall:
After being unjustly expelled from the Boston Conservatory of Music, Amaryllis Brigham sees her dreams of founding a music academy disappearing before her very eyes. Now the only way to achieve her goal comes with high stakes for someone set on avoiding men as much as possible: marry within the year to inherit her grandmother’s fortune. Amaryllis reluctantly takes part in her aunt’s society, intent on getting to the west coast on her own… and without a husband.

Despite her own misgivings, she soon finds herself falling in love with the most unlikely of men, Nathan Everstone, whose father not only had a part in her expulsion, but whose ominous presence has haunted her dreams for a decade since her mother’s tragic death. Nathan turns out to be much more than he seems and everything she never knew she wanted. But just as everything Amaryllis has recently hoped for comes to fruition, it all falls apart when she finds that the real culprit who has been “managing her life” isn’t who she thought at all.

My Thoughts:
Dearest Fellow Book Lovers,

I implore you to STOP what you’re doing and grab yourself a copy of Dawn Crandall’s The Hesitant Heiress. I’m not kidding – this is a MUST READ!!!! If you read anything at all this summer, it should be this outstanding novel!

Ahhhhh, I don’t even know where to begin to describe my full adoration this book!! Dawn’s characters and writing style remind me of Jane Austin’s works: a witty female lead who is blind to love, a soul-stirring hero who doesn’t quite know how to reveal what’s on his heart, family secrets and angst running amok for years on end, and enough characters waltzing throughout to make your head spin as you take a turn about the dance floor. And speaking of movement, The Hesitant Heiress is probably one of the best paced novels I’ve had the pleasure of reading. I didn’t once get the feeling that things were moving too slowly, or have the urge to skip a few paragraphs ahead. I’m telling ya’ll – this book is brilliant!!

Can you tell that I’ve only just finished reading the book?! I’m so excited about it!! In fact, I just finished reading it for the second time and I’m even more in love with it than I was the first time around, if that’s even possible! Okay, enough gushing from me!! It’s time to actually tell you about this book! 🙂

When Amaryllis Brigham (don’t you just LOVE her name?!!!) suddenly finds herself expelled from The Boston Conservatory of Music, she finds herself at the mercy of her great-aunt Claudine, her only living relation.  When Claudine reveals that Amaryllis is set to inherit the family’s vast fortune, Amaryllis is shocked. Only, there’s a stipulation: Amaryllis must marry within a year of finishing her schooling if she’s to receive anything. Having no desire to marry, Amaryllis settles in her heart not to fall for any dandies that Claudine beckons her way.  But when her favorite cousin, Lawry, comes into town towing behind him the two most eligible bachelors he knows, Amaryllis soon has her hands full.

  • Bachelor #1 – Jay Crawford: minister to the people. He’s on the hunt for a wealthy wife with the slightly self-serving purpose of starting his own ministry in Washington, Amaryllis’ home state. What does it matter that they’re not in love? Amaryllis figures he’ll get the money and wife he needs to start his ministry, and she’ll be able to move back to her beloved home to start her music school. Clearly, it’s a win-win for both parties involved…right?
  • Bachelor #2 – Nathan Everstone: adventurer, playboy, handsome beyond belief, and set to inherit 1/5 of his father’s $20 million estate. Leaving a trail of broken hearts everywhere he goes, Nathan cleverly tows the line between recluse and society’s favorite bachelor. And oh yea, he’s also Amaryllis’ arch-enemy, being the son of her most hated person on earth, Bram Everstone – the man who destroyed her family. It’s a fine line between love and hate…or so they say.

The Hesitant Heiress is a delightful novel that will capture your heart from the very first page. To think that this is Dawn Crandall’s debut novel is mind-blowing!! I can’t wait to devour her next book in The Everstone Chronicles, The Bound Heart.

I was graciously provided a free copy of this novel from Dawn Crandall in exchange for an honest review.  I was not required to write a positive review and the opinions I have expressed are my own. 


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Abby says:

    I just finished reading this book too!!! Book 4 (The Cautious Maiden) comes out in October! Can’t wait 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Baker Kella says:

      I’m excited for #4 too!!! 🙂


  2. Aerykah says:

    Great review!! 🙂
    I’ve read this whole series (including book 4- *squeal!*) and may I just say you’ve got many enjoyable hours of reading ahead of you with this series! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Baker Kella says:

      Thanks Aerykah! 🙂
      Oh yayyy!! Me too! Its SUPER hard not to skip books 2 & 3 and just read the 4th one, BUT I’m working on my patience!! haha I’m glad to know they’re all amazing! I can’t wait to keep reading. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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