#Hearties Unite!

Calling all #Hearties!!

FishFlix.com has an amazing promotion going on right now!!

If you pre-order When Calls the Heart Season 3 Collector’s Edition,
FishFlix.com will send you When Calls the Heart Season 1 “Episodes” Set as a free gift!

This is for all pre-orders of When Calls the Heart Season 3 Collector’s Edition before October 11, 2016 – so don’t wait!


If you aren’t familiar with When Calls the Heart, let me tell you all about this darling show! Based on Janette Oke’s books about the Canadian West, When Calls the Heart takes place in a Canadian coal town in 1910. Our heroine, Elizabeth Thatcher, is a relatively new teacher who grew up in high society but feels called to the small coal-mining town, Coal Valley. Leaving behind her family, friends, and all that is familiar, Elizabeth sets out on a grand adventure filled with challenges, mishaps, and simple joys.

{If you haven’t read Janette Oke’s books, you really should!!!}

Elizabeth’s sweet spirit and joyous attitude work on most everyone except for the local Mounted Police, Constable Jack Thornton, who was immediately stationed at Coal Valley when Elizabeth’s father insisted Jack protect his daughter. Jack and Elizabeth’s constant butting of heads is absolutely hilarious and cringe-worthy at the same time and the constant “will they fall in love or won’t they” will keep you coming back episode after episode.

While Elizabeth is the epitome of good intentions, it would seem chaos follows her closely…too closely. In fact, during her first week at Coal Valley, she burns down her teacher’s home!! Thankfully, a local, kindhearted woman, Abigail Stanton, graciously takes her in and gives her a home. Abigail runs a café in Coal Valley and at times, Elizabeth helps her when she’s not teaching or causing the town un-intentional grief from all the mishaps.

When Calls the Heart airs on the Hallmark Channel. You might recognize some of the actors from their notable rolls on various Hallmark Channel movies or famous tv shows:

  • Erin Krakow (Elizabeth Thatcher): Army Wives and Chance at Romance
  • Daniel Lissing (Constable Jack Thornton): Home and Away and Crownies
  • Lori Loughlin (Abigail Stanton): Full House, Fuller House, Hallmark’s Garage Sale Mystery movies

About the Season 3 Boxed Set:
This Boxed set offers some truly unique bonuses for committed fans of the show, you know who you are – #Hearties!

As with the When Calls the Heart Season 1 and Season 2 Collector’s editions, this 10 DVD set contains both the film versions and the TV episode version of Season 3.  You can watch the series as 10 hour-long episodes or 5 feature films. As in previous years, fans will enjoy finding small differences between the films and individual episodes.

The really exciting elements of the Season 3 Collector’s edition are the 3 bonus discs! These feature: behind the scenes footage, interviews, footage from the #Hearties gathering in Vancouver in January 2016, and a #Hearties trivia game that devoted fans are sure to love.

If you’d like to pre-order your own Season 3 Collector’s edition and get a free Season 1 Episodes set, click right here:  When Calls the Heart Season 3 Collector’s Edition

About FishFlix.com:
FishFlix.com is an online Christian movie store that offers a huge selection of entertainment movies, documentaries, educational films, biographies, tv shows, kids movies, and so much more!! I recently had the opportunity to review a DVD, A Place in the Heart, from their massive online collection and found myself quite thrilled with the movie and the company. FishFlix.com’s service was fast (received the movie in 2 day’s time), great condition (not a scratch on the disc!), and the folks I was talking to were super helpful and considerate. If you’re looking for uplifting entertainment, I highly recommend FishFlix.com!

FishFlix.com specializes in family friendly and Christian Movies and provided me with a free copy of When Calls the Heart Season 1 Episodes Set in exchange for a promotional advertisement.


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