Hawaiian Barbecue Chicken

After a well-spent evening of pinning away on Pinterest while watching tv, I stumbled across this amazing recipe for Hawaiian Barbecue Chicken.

There was only one problem – the recipe called for a grill and I don’t own a grill!!


So I came up with a solution using Reynolds Foil + my oven. AND IT WORKED!! I was so excited that I began happy dancing in my kitchen!!

Ya’ll, this dish makes me wish I was sitting on the beach.:) A perfect blend of sweet and tangy, and all things tropical. I even enjoyed the hot pineapple!! Which is a first for me, because I normally only like it when its cold. I loved this recipe so much and I hope you do too!!


*1 lb chicken breasts, boneless, skinless (3-4 breasts)
*1 cup BBQ sauce (your preference, but I used Sticky Fingers’ Carolina Sweet BBQ Sauce)
*1 15oz can pineapple slices (including juice)
*2 tsp soy sauce
*1 garlic clove, minced
*2 red bell peppers, sliced
*2-3 medium zucchini, sliced
*green onions, chopped (optional)
*Reynolds Foil

For any THM folks, you can use a sugar-free BBQ sauce (such as Bare Foods) or make your own (Mrs. Criddles)

You may need to adjust the amount of pineapple slices/serving as only 1/2 cup canned is okay in an E setting.

Turn the oven to 350 degrees.

Remove any excess fat from the chicken breasts, rinse and then pat dry with paper towels. Set chicken breasts aside.

Mince the garlic and slice the red bell peppers and zucchini. Set aside.


In a medium bowl, stir together the BBQ sauce, can of pineapple slices + juice, soy sauce, and garlic.

Cut sheets of Reynolds Foil (one for each chicken breast) and place on a baking sheet, side by side. Fold up the sides of each sheet of foil to create a valley in the center.


Using a serving spoon, ladle a small amount of sauce into the valley of each foil and spread the sauce around. You want enough sauce to cover the foil so the chicken doesn’t stick while cooking. Do this to each foil and then lay one chicken breast on each foil.



Next, evenly distribute the pineapple slices, red bell peppers, and zucchini between the foils.

Ladle the remaining sauce on top on the veggies and chicken.

Bring each side of the foil together and fold downward in the center of the foil. Then, fold up the sides. This creates a foil pouch.


Bake in the oven 45-60 minutes, or until a thermometer inserted into the center of the chicken reads at least 165 degrees.

Enjoy this tropical chicken dish!!


Baker’s Notes:
I found this recipe over at The Recipe Critic. Check out Alyssa’s website and gush over the delectable photos that made me want to try this dish in the first place!


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