Hurricane Matthew + Convoy of Hope

My oh my has it been an interesting weekend!

Hurricane Matthew rolled into town and doused the middle-to-eastern part of North Carolina. Thankfully, my apartment didn’t feel anything beyond heavy rain and wind, but an hour east of me, my parent’s town was flooded. In fact, my folk’s land flooded so much they were an island unto themselves!! Take a look at their front yard:


Their entire house was surrounded by a lake of water! God was good though, because only their garage flooded from the storm, not the house, and by dawn the next day, all the water had receded.

My heart and prayers go out to all the people who are still without power, displaced from their homes, and have suffered losses of all kinds.


An organization that I adore, support, and had the opportunity to volunteer with during college – Convoy of Hope – was quick to set up emergency sites for food, supplies, and water in Haiti and the Southeast states before Hurricane Matthew hit. If you haven’t heard of Convoy of Hope before, they are a nonprofit organization providing relief in times of natural disasters, food for the hungry, and educational programs where there are none. COH  will remain in these disaster zones, providing care, relief, and humanitarian aid long after the media dies down. In fact, they were one of the first humanitarian aides to Haiti’s 2010 earthquake and have been working closely with the Haitian people ever since.

Yesterday, on October 9, COH’s response team issued the following statement:

Our response to Hurricane Matthew continues in Haiti and the U.S. as the death toll rises and flooding continues.

More than 1 million meals have been distributed in Haiti and we have shipped more than 150,000 pounds of emergency relief supplies from our World Distribution Center that will arrive in the coming days.

Our team that was pre-positioned in Florida prior to Hurricane Matthew worked with local partners in the area immediately after the storm passed to distribute food, water and supplies to affected residents. We are also working with partners in South Carolina to distribute supplies to families in need.

Would you consider donating monetary funds to Convoy of Hope to help aide their disaster relief efforts caused by Hurricane Matthew? Would you pray for the hurting people of Haiti and the USA? Would you pray for the emergency aides as they work tirelessly to bring hope and supplies to those in desperate need?

This is not a paid ad or endorsement. This is my heart, pleading and hurting and wanting to help bring relief in any way I can to help those who suffered from this terrible disaster.

Would you consider donating? If so, please click on either of the Convoy of Hope photos. It will take you to a video on what they’re doing in response to Hurricane Matthew as well as to their donation page.


Thank you for your support! Thank you for your prayers! May we be the hands and feet of Christ during this time.



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