Written by: Janice Boekhoff
Publisher: WildBlue Press
Month, Year: August, 2016

A brief summary from Janice Boekhoff:
Desperate to save her family’s struggling gold mine, Elery Hearst orders her crew to dig a new tunnel in a last-ditch effort to intersect the original gold vein. Rather than saving her legacy, however, the tunnel collapses, killing one of her men. Initial reports blame the tragedy on faulty equipment—an old machine Elery should have replaced.

Before she can come to terms with the guilt and regret consuming her, Elery’s brother disappears in search of the Lost Dutchman, a legendary mine of vast riches, and what he believes to be the solution to his family’s grave financial situation. To find her brother, Elery must now ask for help from the one man she’d rather avoid—Lucan Milner, the twin brother of the miner who died in the collapse.

Still struggling with the loss of his only brother, rescue tracker Lucan Milner reluctantly agrees to help with the search. But when Elery insists on coming along, her presence forces his emotions to the surface. How can God expect him to forgive her?

Then, Lucan’s tracking dog is injured, bringing the search to a halt. Lucan and Elery realize the only way to find her brother is to find the Lost Dutchman Mine. And Lucan holds the secret that can help—journal pages written by the Dutchman himself.

But sharing them with Elery not only rips open his grief-stricken heart, it puts both of them in the path of a killer. In these deserted mountains, they aren’t the only ones desperate to find the lost mine.

My Thoughts:
With her gold mine hurting financially, a father hiding a deadly disease, and a guilt that won’t quit, Elery Hearst figures life couldn’t possibly get any more difficult. That is, until one of her miners ends up dying during a cave-in, and her fanatic treasurer hunter brother, Garrick, gets himself lost in the Arizona desert looking for the famous Lost Dutchman Mine. Now, Elery must navigate the uncharted desert to find her brother with the help of Lucan Milner, one of the best rescue trackers around and who happens to be the twin brother of the man who died in her mine’s cave-in.

Lucan holds Elery responsible for his only brother’s death. Yet, he finds himself compelled to join the search and rescue for her only brother. As they struggle to find Garrick, Lucan and Elery must solve a hundred-year-old legend founded on treachery, love, and murder. But they aren’t the only ones searching for the Lost Duchman Mine, and treachery lurks around every corner on this rescue as death lingers on the very air they breathe.

If I had plucked Crevice off the store’s bookshelves, I would have never known this was Janice Boekhoff’s debut novel! Intrigued from the very start, this murder-mystery-man-hunt kept me second-guessing until the last chapter. Crevice is an absolutely riveting adventure story! I highly recommend grabbing a copy of Crevice for yourself – you’re going to love this action packed adventure! I can’t wait to read Created, Janice’s 2nd novel in the Earth Hunter Series, and a work currently in progress.

I was graciously provided a free copy of this novel from Janice Boekhoff in exchange for an honest review.  I was not required to write a positive review and the opinions I have expressed are my own. 


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