Breakfast Stuffed Peppers

Over the weekend, I decided to give meal-prepping a try.

Have you ever done meal-prepping? It’s where you plan out every.single.meal for the entire week and cook everything in 1-2 days, allowing the rest of your week the freedom for all the other fun activities you’ve got going on. Sounds awesome, right?

Knowing that my biggest struggle is breakfast, mainly due to my love of Bojangles and Starbucks, I knew I had to start there. Besides, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, fueling all your energy from the get-go. I realized that I needed something that would fill me up and not leave me hangry within the hour.

Scouring the depths of Pinterest (can you really ever reach the bottom?!), I came across these bad boys – Breakfast Stuffed Peppers.



That was it. I knew I had found my breakfast for the next week.

Positively stacked with protein, healthy carbs, and an itsy bit of healthy fats, these peppers are insanely delicious. Each serving (1/2 pepper), contains 4g Fat, 14g Carbs, and 23g Protein. I hope you love these as much as I do!!



*4 Bell Peppers, Large (your preference on color), halved and de-seeded
*1 lb Ground Turkey, leaner is better
*2 Shallots, chopped
*1 cup Sweet Potato, chopped
*1 TBSP Minced Garlic
*1 TBSP Italian Seasoning
*1 TBSP Dried Thyme
*Salt and Pepper
*1 TBSP Coconut Oil
*6 TBSP Egg Whites


In a skillet, saute the ground turkey over 1.5 tsp coconut oil. Once browned, remove from heat and set the cooked ground turkey on a plate covered in paper towels. The paper towels will soak up some of the remaining grease.

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.


Using the same skillet, heat the remaining 1.5 tsp coconut oil. Add the shallots, minced garlic, and chopped sweet potato to the skillet and saute. Season with Italian seasoning, dried thyme, salt, and pepper. Mix well while sauteing for about 5 minutes. Dump in the cooked turkey and stir. Heat the mixture for another 2 minutes.

Spray a glass pan with non-stick cooking grease. Spoon the turkey mixture into each bell pepper half and then place the stuffed peppers into the glass pan. After all the stuffed peppers are lined up, carefully pour 1-2 TBSP of egg whites over each pepper.

Place the glass pan in the oven and bake for 30-35 minutes.



Baker’s Notes:
When I first made this dish, I used whole eggs instead of the egg whites, not realizing how hard the yolk would get. I was not a fan! However, I did like the crumbled bits of egg whites that had sprinkled their way through the stuffing mixture, and decided to replace the whole eggs with egg whites going forward. A much better choice if I do say so myself! 🙂

If you’re doing THM, this would be PART of an E-Meal. Emphasis on PART! Coming in at 4g Fat and 14g Carbs, you’ll need to add something else to your breakfast to get into that sweet E-meal range of 20-45 carbs. I paired this with an Oikos 000 Peach Yogurt (YUMMMM!!!) and got 26 carbs total.

NOTE: In the original photo, there are some ingredient changes I made. I decided not to add the extra shallot or the cheese, instead opting for more carbs and less fats. I also made a last minute switch from EVOO for Coconut Oil.

I adapted this recipe from Fit Foodie Finds. Check out her original recipe here!


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