Raging Storm Giveaway Winner!!

Yesterday, I got the bright idea to go walking around the lake behind my apartment complex. Two-and-a-half miles of meandering through the woods with wildlife bounding across the path as water peaked between trees starting to bloom to life.

It was so peaceful!

And so tiring!!

I haven’t walked like that in ages, but this perfect 70-degree NC weather was calling my name and I couldn’t say no. While enjoying my trek, I couldn’t help but think that it’s one thing to walk for the pleasure of walking…but it’s a whole ‘nother thing to walk because all technology is zapped and fried, like what happens in Raging Storm. With all that walking I can only imagine how fit I’d become if that happened in real life!

Hmmm…perhaps that’s how I should view working out for motivation… 😉

In a rather delayed winner announcement (sorry – this weekend got away from) I’m happy to announce the winner of Vannetta Chapman’s latest novel in The Remnant Series…

Congrats Pam!! 

You won a copy of Vanetta Chapman’s

Raging Storm!!


I will be shooting you an email today in order to get your shipping information.🙂

If you didn’t win, but can’t wait any longer to get your hands on a copy of Raging Storm, check out the following places where you can purchase a copy  online:

Thanks so much for everyone who signed for this giveaway!! Stay tuned for upcoming giveaways and some tasty recipes headed your way soon 🙂




*3/1/17 EDIT: Giveaway updated to a new winner, Pam. Our first winner, Trixi, won a copy of the novel on a different blog and wanted to share the joy with another reader 🙂


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