King’s Blood


King’s Blood
Written by: Jill Williamson
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Month, Year: January, 2017
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A brief summary from Jill Williamson:
A remnant has escaped the destruction of the Five Realms and now lives on several hundred ships adrift at sea. As a flock, they sail north into the unknown in hopes of finding land that might become their new home. 

As the king’s illness worsens, Sir Wilek takes authority over the expedition and struggles to rule the disjointed people, while assassination attempts, vicious serpents, and dark magic endanger his life. 

One prophecy has come to pass, but another looms dauntingly in the future. Who is this Deliverer? And if the Magonians have him, what might that mean for the realm of Armania?

My Thoughts: fantasy heart. . . Jill Williamson’s King’s Blood is A M A Z I N G!!!!!!!!!!

Honestly, I’m not sure that sentence ended with enough exclamation points – this book is that exciting, thrilling, and basically everything I could want in a fantasy novel!! With so many characters and sub-plots, conflicting religions and peoples, the physical and unseen world and the Veil to seen between them, Williamson enthusiastically hands her readers a series that breathes fresh and vivid life into the fantasy realm. I was hard-pressed to stop reading King’s Blood for anything. It is that amazing!

Picking up right where King’s Folly left off, Williamson takes her readers – and her characters – on a daring sea-faring adventure filled with treachery, debacles, high seas, and creatures that threaten the very lives of those aboard.

When an ill king threatens the livelihood of several hundred ships, its up to Sar Wilek to steer them all to safety. But when water and food slowly begin to run out, Wilek’s new-found trust in the god, Arman, He Who Made The World, will soon be put to the test. Can Arman truly save his people or did he allow them to survive the quakes only to die at sea? Not only facing starvation, Wilek must also outwit forces, both seen and unseen, who want to take over the throne for themselves. His close circle of trust becomes even smaller as the plot thickens and living becomes a battle all its own.

Boisterous Sar Trevn, Wilek’s younger brother, takes to sailing with ease. In fact, he all but begs to be put to work on the ships, wanting to learn every aspect of sailing from swabbing  the deck to climbing the high masts. With his beloved Mielle at his side, he can survive anything. But when Mielle is cleaved from his presence, Trevn makes it his mission to find her in the new world, even if it goes against Wilek’s wishes. While searching for his love, Trevn stumbles upon a discovery that could give Wilek the advantage in the treacherous plots against him. But will Trevn succeed in utilizing his discovery in time or will Wilek’s throne be over-thrown?

There are so.many.plot.twists in this novel!! Honestly, some of them broke my heart and others made me cheer. I won’t spoil the book for ya’ll, but wow does this novel pull at your heart-strings. I am fiercely anticipating what happens next!! Dear future readers of King’s Blood, I implore you to read Williamson’s first novel, King’s Folly (review found here), BEFORE digging into this novel! There is too much going on in this story to not start from the beginning. And when you do finish reading either book – stop by and let me know!!! I’d love to hear your thoughts about The Kinsman Chronicles.

I was graciously provided a free copy of this novel from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.  I was not required to write a positive review and the opinions I have expressed are my own. 


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