Poetry Friday

Happy Friday!!!!

Since I’m feeling pretty whimsical this Friday, (I think its due to the lack of sleep – I was up wayyyy too late reading last night. Not that staying up reading is truly ever an issue! Plus, I’ve got a triple shot of espresso sitting next to me for my wake up call. 😉 Anyone else need that kind of caffeine jolt in their mornings?) I thought it would be a perfect day for some poetry!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to push myself and write a daily poem. I tend to miss more days than write, but its been a good stretch for me to have a goal and get my creative juices flowing again. Its also rather soothing being able to focus on an idea or phrase and re-work it over and over until it rolls from my mind’s image to the page. I’m really enjoying this! 🙂 Anyway, here is one of my most recent daily poems. I hope ya’ll enjoy!

IMG_7999 (1)

You captured my heart
The way the sun breaks the day –
Light, airy, and full of promise







*image found on google search with no photographer listed*


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