5 Min Writing Session

I’ve been getting spurts of the writing bug lately. It started with phrases, worked its way to poems, and I may be writing out some ideas for a story. Okay okay…I am writing out some ideas for a story. In fact, if you follow my Instagram (@bakerkella), you’ve seen my makeshift storyboard consisting of 2 poster boards that I taped to my bedroom door, and as many colorful post-its that I could get my hands on. HA! It is glorious!

One of my goals is to write every day. Write about anything and everything, whatever comes to mind, as long as I write. It could be one sentence, a paragraph, a poem, or anything else that gets creativity flowing and has me practicing.

Sooooooo…having said that, I thought it might be fun to share what I wrote today. It’s utterly silly, in a chick-lit sense during a 5 minute “write whatever comes to my mind” moment. A moment of writing where I didn’t worry about tense, structure, or anything related to grammar. I just wrote. And I had fun with it!

I hope ya’ll get a kick out of this, or that it at least brings a “awwww she tried” kind of smile to your face. 🙂 And just so you know, this is how I look now that I’ve published these words for the world to see:

HAHA! 🙂 Andy makes the BEST facial expressions!!

Ok, time to share my little blurb about my gal Ryan.

Struggling, I danced across the bedroom, pulling and yanking the spiffy, barely worn skinny trousers up my thighs. The battle was mine and all my goodness was going to fit inside these pants if I had any say about it.

“Why is it that these never fit when I need them to?” I bemoaned, tugging them higher, first up one leg and then the other.

Shockingly, I was having success! Twirling about the room I had somehow managed to get the pants over my voluptuous bum, and now only one thing stood in my way of this rocking outfit.

I had to zip and button them shut.

With heat glistening over my forehead I wondered for a half second if this outfit was even worth all the effort. But I had come so far! Surely I could manage one day locked in a compression so tight who knows if I’d even be able to sit down.

It was go time.

I started zipping north, towards the Almighty as I prayed out loud, “Come on! Lord, I just need the pants to close!”

And then it happened. The absolute worst thing that could happen to a woman when she’s running late, besides spilling hot coffee over a white blouse in front of a hot guy, no less.

“Oh no.”

“Oh no oh no! Ohnoohhh nooooo!!!” I leaned forward trying to get a glimpse at just how badly I had destroyed my pants. If it had ripped in the thighs, there was a chance at saving them to make it one more day. I had salvaged chub rub disasters before.

But, if it was in the rear…

Haha! Can anyone relate to ripping their pants, or any piece of clothing, when putting them on?

Thanks for reading my 5 minute creative session! I hope ya’ll enjoyed it.

Happy Reading, dear friends!




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