Herb Steak Foil Pouches

The past couple of months have been sort of crazy with an assortment of doctor’s visits, medication switches, and a couple of biopsies to top it all off. The biopsies came back great – praise GOD for that!! But still, my body needs to get its act together. Enough’s enough!

One cool thing the doctor did though, was taking a complete blood panel. It amazes me how much information can be stored in a lil ole blood cell! The nurses took 7 vials of my red cells, which equals to about 17 different tests, and came back with 4 pages of information! Information I had no clue about, and confirmation on things I already knew. Like having a small allergy to nuts (who knew?) or the confirmation that yes, I do in fact have a Hashimoto’s thyroid (no surprise there!). What was even more surprising was the fact that apparently, I’m really iron deficient and extremely low on some of the vitamins, D & B’s. Guess who gets to take gummy Flintstones vitamins now? 🙂


The bit about being iron deficient really got to me. All these years, I’ve had doctors telling me to watch my sodium intake, lower is better. So I said hello to pink Mediterranean salt and sea salt, canned products that listed “no added salt”, and as much fresh produce as I could handle. But, did you know these sea salts on their own don’t contain iron? I had no clue! Here I was thinking I was doing something really good for my body, particularly my under-zealous thyroid, and really, all I was doing was hurting myself by becoming boarder-line anemic. One good thing has come out of this all – I now have a doctor’s approval to eat more red meat, including steak! *Glory Hallelujah* And the people said “Amen”! 😉

If you’re looking to increase your iron intake, without taking a supplement, try incorporating more of these iron-rich foods into your diet:

  • Red meat
  • Salmon, halibut, tuna
  • Leafy greens: spinach, kale, swiss chard, beet greens
  • Vegetables: potatoes, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, palm hearts, broccoli
  • Fruit: prunes, apricots, olives, peaches
  • Beans & chickpeas
  • Seeds & nuts

Since my doctor put me on a increased iron, low-carb plan to get my levels better, I’ve been Pinterest-ing super delicious meals that I think will work. Including this amazing steak and veggie medley covered in a garlic herb butter that’s cooked in a foil pouch. Its freaking fantastic!! And each serving (I got about 5 servings from this recipe) comes in at about 22g carbs and 20% of my daily iron intake. I’ve made this recipe multiple times now, in fact, its my lunch today. 🙂 Enjoy!!


*1/2 – 1 lb small red potatoes, cut into fourths
*3 carrots, sliced
*1 red bell pepper, chopped
*1 green bell pepper, chopped
*1/2 cup red onion, chopped
*1.5 lbs top sirloin steak, cut into one inch cubes
*1/2 cup butter, softened
*1/4 cup parsley
*4 garlic cloves, minced
*1 tsp thyme
*1/4 + 1/2 tsp salt
*1/4 + 1/2 tsp ground black pepper
*Aluminum foil

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.


In a medium bowl, mix together the red potatoes, carrots, red and green bell peppers, and red onion. Sprinkle 1/4 tsp salt and 1/4 tsp black pepper on top. Add the EVOO. Stir well until everything has been coated with the oil.


Tear off 4-6 large pieces of aluminum foil. Evenly place the vegetable mix on each piece of foil. Then, portion out the cubed steak over the vegetables.


In a small bowl, add the butter, parsley, garlic, thyme, 1/2 tsp salt, and 1/2 tsp black pepper. Stir together until fully incorporated.


Dollop the herb butter throughout each foil pouch (I did about 3 dollops per pouch).


Double fold the tops of the foil and then fold the ends.

Place the foil pouches on a baking sheet and bake for 60 minutes.


Carefully open the foil pouches – lots of steam coming out!! – and serve.


Baker Kella’s Notes:
I adapted this recipe from Alyssa over at The Recipe Critic. Click here to check out her original Butter Garlic Herb Steak Foil Packets recipe!


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  1. Looks so good! I have to work to get more iron in my diet also.


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