Written by: Janice Boekhoff
Publisher: WildBlue Press
Month, Year: June 2017

A brief summary from Janice Boekhoff:
After his sister’s death sends him into the loving arms of God, Paleontology Professor Travis Perego fights to reconcile the career he’s devoted his life to with his fragile new faith. His struggle between evolutionary theory and the Bible soon attracts the attention of the dean who makes at least one thing clear in Travis’s life. If he doesn’t figure things out soon, he’s fired.

Then a former student tells him of an experiment designed to prove evolution true. Could it be possible to retrace the path of evolution through bird DNA—to reverse engineer a dinosaur? If so, Travis could finally get answers to the questions plaguing his thoughts and threatening his career.

Desperate to know if the experiment succeeded, Travis searches the jungles of Costa Rica for the missing biology professor and the mysterious creature he created. On the hunt to find them, Travis meets Lenaia, a woman with her own reasons to search for the creature. Though both have secrets, Travis and Lenaia agree to work together before their chances of finding the creature—and the truth—evaporate into the thick jungle mist.

My Thoughts:
Professor Travis Perego had no desire for God until he found the last letter his sister ever wrote before she passed away, challenging him to contemplate where she would be after she died. Now, as a new follower of Christ, Travis finds himself struggling to reconcile the numerous differences between evolution, a factor he always believed in, and creationism, what his new faith believes to be true. Fearful that his colleges will disbar his efforts if they find out about his new-found faith, Travis attempts to keep a low-profile, but that’s hard to do when the new dean already wants him fired.

But when a student comes to Travis with an intriguing tale of a new creature, spliced together by various DNA’s, Travis finds himself enthralled with finding the animal. And when he finds out the doctor who created the animal transferred it to Costa Rica, Travis boards a plane, eager to get DNA samples of the dinosaur for himself. Samples that might end once and for all the evolution vs creation debate.

Dr. Lenaia Talavera arrives in Costa Rica with a mission to survey a local volcano’s activity, in efforts to save the small villages around the volcano from a natural disaster. She expects to find bad air quality readings, or perhaps some seismic activity in the areas, but what she doesn’t expect is to have a run-in with a creature that looks uncannily like a dinosaur! When Lenaia meets a handsome man in need of a tracker, she volunteers her services, and soon Travis and Lenaia find themselves on a hiking adventure they’ll never forget.

Created is a riveting action-adventure mystery that will keep readers in suspense until the last chapter. In fact, Janice Boekhoff EXCEEDED my expectations of her follow up novel in the Earth Hunters series!! While reading Created, I often found myself comparing Janice’s style of writing and the way she moves the readers throughout the story to how two of my favorite authors, Angela Hunt and Karen Hancock, write. The tale was peppered with interesting scientific data, but held fast to Biblical principals. I consider Created to be a must-read!!

If you’re looking for an insightful, Jurassic World-esq, contemporary read that dabbles in creation vs. evolution then grab yourself a copy of Created and settle in for the wild ride. Just don’t get too close to the rheasaurus!

I was graciously provided a free copy of this novel from Janice Boekhoff in exchange for an honest review.  I was not required to write a positive review and the opinions I have expressed are my own. 



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