The Making of Mrs. Hale


The Making of Mrs. Hale
Written by: Carolyn Miller
Publisher: Kregel Publications
Month, Year: November 2018
Amazon | CBD | B+N

A brief summary from Carolyn Miller:
Can a runaway marriage be redeemed?

Marry in haste, repent in leisure—Mrs. Hale is about to find out how painful that repentance can truly be. Julia Hale ran off to be married in Gretna Green, following romance instead of common sense.

But her tale isn’t turning into a happily ever after. Her new husband is gone and she doesn’t know where—or if he’s ever coming back. Julia has no option but to head home to the family she betrayed by eloping and to hope they’ll forgive her.

Along the way she will learn how relationship with God can bring restoration and hope, and find the answers she needs both for her husband and her future.

My Thoughts:
When her husband goes missing, presumably dead, and her money has run out, Julia Hale finds herself living a life that doesn’t feel to be her own. Intent to survive, she sells anything of value, but soon is forced to leave, with a baby in tow, and ends up in the streets. Stumbling upon an old family friend, Julie is once again accepted back into societies circles, albeit amidst the scandal involving her marriage and missing husband.

With her family pushing her to claim widowhood, Julia finds herself clinging to hope. Will her beloved husband ever return to her arms? And if he does return, will her family ever accept their marriage?

I enjoyed reading The Making of Mrs. Hale. The family drama combined with the intrigue of Julia’s missing husband led to a very captivating story. I love reading Carolyn’s novels as they have a way of transporting you to the very scenes, almost as if you’re living the tale itself. As the third and final book in the A Promise of Hope series, I’m looking forward to reading whatever Carolyn writes next! If you love the regency period, I think you’ll really enjoy this series!

I was graciously provided a free copy of this novel from Kregel Publications and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  I was not required to write a positive review and the opinions I have expressed are my own. 


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